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Verna Herman and her daughters Tara Kunkle, Ashley Raube, and Rebecca Raube formed Verna’s Flightline Restaurant in 2006. Verna purchased Flightline Restaurant changing the name to Verna’s Flightline Restaurant in hopes of showing pride in purchasing a business that she helped the Gifford family build, while putting her own stamp of ownership on it. Verna’s Flightline Restaurant is a small family owned and operated casual dining restaurant with an aviation feel. All meals are made from scratch using only the finest ingredients with Verna over seeing all cooking and preparations to make sure everything has her special touch.


As a family owned and operated restaurant, Verna and her girls take on the day-to-day operations, such as: cooking, serving, accounting, marketing, purchasing, catering, and more. With a combined 70 years in the restaurant industry. Verna and her girls bring a lot of experience to their business. Verna had a dream of purchasing the Flightline Restaurant from the Gifford family in hopes of having a legacy that she helped build and create to pass down to her girls and their families.


With the recent economic downturn and slow economic recovery overall sales have not been impacted due to the fact that Verna tries to keep her prices very reasonable with her customer family in mind.


It seemed like a no brainer after years of catering parties for family and friends for Verna and her girls to expand their business into catering as well. The catering business is something that they are very proud of and are very happy to share with the residents of Millville and Southern New Jersey. Verna’s catering business has done so well that people as far as Philadelphia and Mullica Hill have acquired her services. Verna and her girls have catered the Hanger Aviation Celebration for 10 years serving as many as 900 people.


Verna’s Flightline Restaurant was named after Verna, while still trying to keep the aviation feel and honoring the name that family friend Arnold Gifford had picked. The restaurant is filled with pictures of locals, and Millville history as well as WWII aviation pictures. The restaurant is located at the Millville Airport on Beacon Street. Verna is proud to have her business located in the Army Air Field historic district of the Airport.


Verna and her girls are hoping to be able to expand their business with the addition of catering hall. They hope to be able to double the number of employees, as well as, the sales over the next few years.


Flightline Restaurant

Verna Herman and her daughters have turned Verna's Flightline Restaurant into one of our region's great success stories. In addition to its great cuisine, the small restaurant now provides catering services for groups of all sizes.

Great Food at the Airport:  

Verna Herman and her daughter Tara Kunkle receive the 2016 Economic Partnership Award from Chamber President Larry Malone and Executive Director Earl Sherrick.

2016 Economic Partnership Awards:
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