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Glasstown Brewing Company was formed in 2013 by husband and wife team Jenifer and Paul Simmons with a dream to create a business that is fun and exciting. Glasstown is a small craft microbrewery producing high quality, handcrafted beers using only the finest ingredients and brewing with a personal touch. 


As the owners and operators of the brewery, Jenifer and Paul take on the day-to-day operations, such as – brewing, accounting, marketing, sales, purchasing and distribution. With a combined 38 years in the hospitality and restaurant industry, Jenifer and Paul bring a lot of experience to their business. 


They had a dream to start their own business and to create a job that they could enjoy doing day in and day out. With the recent economic downturn and slow economic recovery, overall beer sales were not impacted and craft beer especially showed an increase in sales.  So, it seemed like a no brainer after years of home brewing and sharing their beer with friends and family that the time had come to take a leap of faith and turn a hobby into a business.  Something they could be proud of and to share with the residents of Millville and other Southern New Jersey residents.


Glasstown Brewing Company was named after Millville’s rich and vibrant glass manufacturing history, and handcrafted artistry, which is still prevalent in the city, with the Glasstown Arts District and Clay College, which continues to educate artists.  


The brewery is proud to share in the military history of Millville too, being located at the Millville Airport and within the Army Air Field Historic District.  


Glasstown Brewing Company opened with one full time employee and one part time employee. Sixteen months later there are three full time and three part time employees.


Glasstown has gone through two production upgrades and has tripled overall capacity.  Looking forward, the plan is to make a major upgrade to the manufacturing side with a $300,000 investment in equipment and building, plus add a bottling machine to help grow the distribution side of the business. In conjunction to the upgrade, the hope is to double the number of employees, as well as sales over the next two years.


Glasstown Brewing Company is an award-winning brewery, having placed 1st and 3rd for its Maurice River Bourbon Brown Ale and Nightcap Belgium Blonde respectively at the 2015 Atlantic City Beer Festival.


Jenifer and Paul Simmons continue to look to the future in the hope to prove that dreams really do come true.



Glasstown Brewing

An Invitation from the Owner:  

"I hope that you take the time to visit our brewery location to tour the facility and taste our latest creations.  I thoroughly enjoy meeting new people, especially those who share in the common interest of tasting delicious beers.  Thank you for stopping by and I can’t wait to see you at the brewery.


- Paul Simons, owner of Glasstown Brewing Company.

Glasstown Brewing received the 2015 Economic Partnership Award - Hospitality category - from the Greater Millville Chamber of Commerce during its May 20 event.

2015 Economic Partnership Awards:
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