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Shop owners Mike and Maryann Kuntz of an Octopus’s Garden, located at the Village on High, are into their fifth year of operations. The Kuntz’s have grown the business each and every year since opening in October of 2010.


So, how did they end up in Millville you ask?


Answer: They were always attendees of the 3rd Friday event. They would come down and frequent the stores. There was always music and people and an atmosphere and energy about the town.


And they always wanted to be a part of it, wanted to open a store here and then circumstances occurred in their lives, and they didn’t know what to do…


So -- they came down on the next 3rd Friday and looked around in the Village on High, and noticed a sign for rent on one of the cottages. They knew then they just had to open the Octopus’s Garden.


What made them want to be a part of Millville was to see so much going on in that six-block area known as the Glasstown Arts District? So much culture and energy happening that they were drawn to it.


Want to know what to expect when you go to An Octopus’s Garden?


Answer -- an experience. That’s what they would like people to feel. The “O.G.” is home to 32 different artists. They started out with four and somehow these up and coming artist would seek them out. They give them a place to put their work, give them a show on 3rd Friday and give them a place to keep a representable sample of their work.


The experience for the customer is walking through the door and seeing the color, feeling the energy. It’s a wonderful time.


One of the accomplishments that takes place every 2nd Saturday of the month is OG’s wine tasting event. “We are very proud of this and have now been able to maintain it through the good times and the bad for two and a half years,” noted Maryann Kuntz. “We have 5 pours and pair the wine with samples of food from local Millville food vendors and also provide an education on each wine we use that day.”


The Kuntz’s credit the Village On High owners Maryann Cannon and her husband Gene with allowing them to have the opportunity to own their business and create something where new business owners could go and get their feet wet without having an overly costly rent.


“We are so fortunate to have met these two wonderful people and have them in our lives,” said Maryann.


Octopus's Garden

A Unique Business:  

Owners Mike and Maryann Kuntz refer to their store as "an eclectic mix of one-of-a-kinds and handmade repurposed vintage jewelry. The business opened in 2010 an continues to thrive at The Village on High in Millville.

Mike Kuntz, owner of Octopus's Garden, receives the Economic Partnership Award - Arts District - from Chamber President Larry Malone, left, and Executve Director Earl Sherrick.

2015 Economic Partnership Awards:
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