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Real Story: Wheaton Talks

About Housing Market

Michelle Wheaton, President of the Cumberland County Board of Realtors and owner of Wheaton Realty, LLC, spoke at April's luncheon meeting of the Greater Millville Chamber of Commerce at the New Jersey Motorsports Park. The topic of Wheaton's talk was "Current Trends in Today's Real Estate Market."


Wheaton's presentation showed recent statistics on both the national and regional real estate markets and an upward trend in real estate values.


According to Wheaton, whle the real estate market remains relatively sluggish compared to the activity of the early 2000s, recent signs are pointing toward a recovery that should boost sales and prices within our region for both commercial and residential properties.


Regarding land sales, Wheaton did say that the market remains stagnant, especially in the southern New Jersey market.


Arnold Robinson, Senior Partner at Robinson & Robinson, LLC, and son Mathew Robinson, Partner at the firm, were featured speakers at February's Chamber luncheon.


They discussed residential and commercial property appeals.


According to the attorneys, "New Jersey property taxes are among the highest in the country. But you are only obligated to pay property taxes based on the fair market value of your property. Whether you own commercial or residential property, the value of your property has likely decreased from the housing market crisis. Consequently, many property owners in New Jersey are paying too much in property taxes without knowing it."

Property Appeals: The Process Explained

Handling College Costs: Covella Outlines Strategies

Gerald Covella, President/Partner of Millville-based College Funding Authority, was featured speaker at May's luncheon. Covella discussed college funding and student positioning strategies and the common errors students and parents encounter during the process.


Covella has spoken at numerous events across the state on the topic of effective college planning strategies. With college costs now exceeding $70,000 a year at some U.S. universities, Covella stressed the need for careful planning, especially for families with two or more children looking toward a college career.

Gerald Covella

Western Pest Services' Joe Nicholas and Matt Berk were guest speakers at January's Chamber luncheon. Their presentation focused on the use of canines to root out bed bugs in homes.


Nicholas is Western’s 3rd party/independent Master Trainer, with more than  33 years in canine training experience. He established the canine programs for the NJ State Police and the department of corrections.


Berk is canine handler for Western Pest services.


According to Nicholas, Western Pest Control’s Canine Division which has developed a unique bed bug scent detection program and the team demonstrated how the dogs are used to locate bed bugs.  


CCTEC Wins Multiple Awards

It's a

Dog's World

Joe Nicholas

He also detailed the difference between need-based and merit-based aid and the importance of filing aid applications both correctly and as early as possible.


As part of College Funding Authority's service to clients, the office provides a free consultation for families with an eye on providing an initial evalution of needs before the student enters the process of applying to college.


College Funding Authority's office in located in The GlassWorks business complex. The office is open Monday through Friday with special evening and weekend hours also available for families.

Arnold, right, and Mathew Robinson

Michelle Wheaton

Clean Energy: State Program Discussed

Melissa Stevens, of Performance Marketing, was the featured speaker at March's Chamber luncheon. Her presentation focused on the New Jersey Clean Energy Program.


Representing South Jersey Gas Company, Stevens provided information specific to the new energy efficiency and conversion programs for home and business owners through South Jersey Gas and the NJ Clean Energy Program

 The initiative is to get current and new customers to upgrade their air conditioners and hot water heaters 

of $6,500.00 plus customers may qualify for a rebate from the NJ Clean Energy Program. 


South Jersey Gas recommends 

scheduling a NJ Home Performance with Energy Star home assessment which provides you with a complete report on areas in your home where energy is wasted and highlights any health and safety concerns. As part of the assessment, the certified contractor will help you identify the heating system that is right for your home.


For more information about the program, residents can contact SJG at 1.866.657.6278

to new high efficiency units. South Jersey Gass will finance the project at 0% interest up to a maximum 

Melissa Stevens

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