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A Message from the Executive Director:

    Who would think the Millville Airport would become a hub of social activity?  But thanks to a couple of young entrepreneurs, that is exactly what is happening.        

     A couple of young men, following their dreams and passions and taking bold steps, have proven the American dream is alive. At the same time, they have created a unique place for the rest of us to hang out.    

     Paul Simmons opened Glasstown Brewing in December of 2013, and has been in expansion mode since his doors opened.

     Glasstown Brewing is a small micro brewery that is open to the public for tours and tastings.  It has developed a clientele that stops in on a regular basis Thursday through Sunday and attracts visitors from all over the region.  The public is welcome to stop in and relax while drinking one of his many varieties of local brews.        Glasstown Brewing products can be found in a number of local bars and restaurants throughout South Jersey.  Their brews with interesting names such as  609 IPA, Holly Hops, 856 Double IPA and Cedar Swamp IPA  are available to take home in growlers or as of last week, 22-ounce bottles and soon cans.   It’s located on Petersen Street, just around the corner from the Millville Army Airfield Museum.      

     Carl Coombs started East Coast Distilling in 2014. The Coombs family has a long history of producing wine and spirits ‘privately,’ which Carl wanted to share with the area. Borrowing some of his family’s moonshine recipes, Carl created Jersey Shine – an all natural line of flavored moonshines.      

     Just last month Carl and his partner Paul Krug opened Jersey Shine right across the street from Glasstown Brewing.        

     Jersey Shine is a grain-neutral spirit infused with all natural (no preservatives) juices. Currently, they produce five flavored moonshines:  Apple Pie, Black Cherry, Cranberry, Lemonade and Strawberry. The Tasting Room features weekend tours with tastings.  It also has seating in a comfortable relaxing atmosphere.      Jersey Shine products are also available to take home by the jug, and will soon be distributed to local bars and liquor stores. Add to this a pizza delivery or a visit to the food truck that is now regularly located between the two buildings and we have a party at the airport!        

     Come on out and be part of this unique experience.

Doggies Compete

in Own Olympic Games


     While Team USA was winning medals in Rio de Janeiro this summer, the doggie daycare guests were winning medals at Pampered Pup Luxury Pet Resort, a proud member of the Greater Millville Chamber of Commerce.      

     All of the daycare dogs enjoyed two weeks of the Olympic Games, participating in swimming, basketball, beach volleyball, tennis, equestrian, soccer and boxing.      

     The entire staff was able to enjoy the excitement of the games. The dogs had a grand time playing the variety of games the daycare staff had planned. Games included playing with a bucket full of tennis balls and enjoying some hoops Air Bud style.             Of course all the daycare dogs went home with their very own gold medals to commemorate the epic event. 

Earl Sherrick




     The Cumberland County Improvement Authority will host a State of the County & Business Expo: “Breakfast & Business Expo” on Tuesday, October 18 at Cumberland County College in the George Luciano Conference Center & Theater. The event begins at 8:00 am and ends at 10:30 am.          Keynote speaker will be Dr. Yves Salomon-Fernandez, above, President of Cumberland County College.      

     Other featured speakers during the special session will include:

• Paul Litten, President, Allied Specialty Foods

• Dr. Dina Rossi-Elliott, Superintendent, Cumberland County Technical Education Center

• Allison Spinelli, Executive Director Cumberland Salem Cape May Workforce Investment Board

• Jerry Velazquez, III, Executive Director, Cumberland County Improvement Authority

• Joe Derella, Cumberland County Freeholder Director

     Tickets for the event are $10.      

     Vendor’s space is available.      

     For more information,  please call Renee Brecht at 856.825.3700, Ext. 1234 or email her at

Around the Chamber: News in Brief

Vineland Family Honored

by Guidance Center at Oct. 5 Event    

     The Guidance Center honored the Kejzman Family — Helen, Lilly and Sherry (Soutiere) Kejzman — and saluted the late Harry Kejzman at an awards ceremony held on Wednesday, October 5, 2016, at Merighi’s Savoy Inn in Vineland.      

     The Kejzmans received the prestigious 2016 Mental Health Distinguished Community Leadership Award for their outstanding contributions and dedicated service to the greater Cumberland County area. They were recognized for their many accomplishments in economic development and for their work supporting health and education in our local and regional community, making it a better place through leadership, volunteerism, advocacy, and philanthropy — a philosophy that was set in motion in the early 1950s by Helen and her husband, Harry.     

New Businesses a Big Draw to Airport

Chamber Members

Enjoy Brew-b-que

     The Greater Millville Chamber of Commerce held its 5th Annual GMCC Brew-b-que on July 14 at Glasstown Brewing located at the Millville Airport. The networking event included refreshments, food from Sidelines Sports Bar, games and live music.

Stockton to Host Cumberland County Hiring Event on October 26      
     Stockton University is hosting a Cumberland County Hiring Event on October 26. The event is under the direction of the Retail, Hospitality and Tourism Talent Network and will focus on bridging the gap between employers and jobseekers by providing insight on job opportunities in the region. For more information, visit or call Lauren Haynes of the RHT Talent Network of Southern New Jersey at 609.626.3618.

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