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     Kimberly Ayres was the featured speaker at the Greater Millville Chamber of Commerce’s September 14 luncheon at the New Jersey Motorsports Park. In her talk, Ayres offered insight on the the Millville Neighborhood Alliance.      

     The Millville Neighborhood Alliance is a new initiative for the revitalization of Millville's central neighborhoods sponsored by the Millville Urban Redevelopment Corp (MURC).  Over the last few months, the Alliance has grown to over 40 partners (including the Chamber) committed to renewing center city Millville through collaboration and the strategic investment of resources.          

     The alliance is led by Don Ayres and Kim Ayres and is demonstrating that even with the serious challenges facing this part of our community, working together can produce positive results.

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Changes: New Board Members Recommended

     At  the August 25, 2016 meeting of the Chamber’s Board of Directors, the Nomination Committee made the following recommendations and nominations to be members of the Board of Directors. These changes will take effect following final confirmation at the November meeting.

     The Board reluctantly accepted the resignation of Debbie Yeutter.  Lew Thompson will fill the balance of her term ending December 2018. William Lanning was appointed to a three-year term, ending December 31, 2019 term to fill Yeutter’s vacancy.    

     In accordance with the By-Laws, Section (4), the following are recommended to the Board of Directors to serve for a three-year term, beginning 1/1/17 and expiring 12/31/19.     

• Don Daigle  • Jayne Beers Kutsopias • Larry Malone • John Redden

     Each candidate had agreed to accept the responsibility of directorship and has been determined to be an active member in good standing.     

     If there is someone else you would like to see nominated, you must do so in writing, accompanied by a petition of 25 fellow members, within 10 days of receiving this notice.


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Click the button at left to hear excerpts from Kim Ayres' speech at the September Chamber luncheon.

A Proud Partner of the

Greater Millville Chamber of Commerce

A Wonderful Vision
for Better Neighborhoods
in The Holly City

     After the wonderful summer break, it was a refreshing start to the year to have Kim Ayres speak about an exciting new organization in Millville, called the Millville Neighborhood Alliance.        Kim saw that there are many volunteer and nonprofit organizations in Millville and South Jersey that seem to overlap good deeds. She decided to organize over 40 groups with similar ideals to work together as one.      

     Exciting things are happening on all fronts. For children this year, experts wrote a curriculum for seventh graders at Lakeside School – a civic lab for students called “Our Community Counts,” which is already implemented. A block of Pine Street downtown was closed off every Wednesday for "Play Streets," where children had a ton of activities, food and a fun and learning experience created by many volunteers, including the police department.          Rehab is underway on the former Zelphy's building on High Street, where a large mural is being started soon and should be done by Thanksgiving. We are working on grants, a housing rent-to-own program, tax credits and many financial programs to help the city, including neighborhood improvement grants which are currently available now.            

     Millville Police are focusing on community policing and are very involved in the group along with the Millville Public Library, Adopt-A-Block and many churches and civic organizations.      

     I set a personal goal two years ago that Millville would make the national news for a good reason. When you set a goal like that, you don't need a crystal clear plan. If you believe in your goal, a plan will become obvious to you at some point. As I was listening to Kim speak at our lunch, I realized that this may be the way that my goal will be realized.      

     When we all pull together, we can make Millville a wonderful place to live, work and play!

Chamber President Larry Malone offers his insight on positive changes in our community

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The Alliance now icludes more than 40 businesses, all sharing one goal:
make Millville a better place to live
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