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Sen. Booker's Visit to Millville

More than 250 people come
to GlassWorks
to hear Senator's remarks
about South Jersey

Senator Cory Booker spoke to a sold-out crowd of 250 at the Glassworks in Millville on September 1, 2015. Booker was invited by eight South Jersey Chambers of Commerce, who gathered to discuss his plans for some much-needed changes in south jersey.


“South Jersey is a muscle in our state, so much attention often goes to North Jersey, but there are real pressing challenges here – ranging from horrific infrastructure to lack of investment, to issues we face with drug addiction,” said Booker. “So this, to me is, how can I be a force to help South Jersey with economic growth, infrastructure improvement, with increased educational opportunities, try to deal with these vexing issues like how we’re going to stop high levels of overdoses, high levels of addiction, and how we’re really going to start to reform our criminal justice system – which is often not empowering people but just sending them deeper and deeper into a hole.”


The event was sponsored and organized by the Greater Millville Chamber of Commerce.

Senator Booker

outlines his plans to

spark growth in

South Jersey

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