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Upcoming Events



 • November 12, 2015  – Monthly Luncheon 11:30 am  Speakers are John Knoop and Carol Asselta of Akizom Consulting, on changes and compliance with Fair Labor Standards. Held at the NJMP. Cost is $20.00 Event is hosted by Bay Atlantic Federal Credit Union


• November 27, 2015  – SNJToday Mllville Christmas Parade, hosted by the GMCC and City of Millville.   Event kicks off  at 7 pm. at High and Harrison to City Hall. Sponsors/volunteers are needed.


• December 9, 2015 –  Monthly Luncheon 11:30 am  – Traditional Holiday Luncheon with  Millville High School Select Choir. NJMP cost is $20.00 Sponsored by Reeves & Melvin


The SNJToday Millville Christmas Parade will be held on Friday, November 27

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